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Yeastar IP PBX systems offer free upgrades and do not require periodic license renewals

Yeastar S-Series IP PBX Phone System

The Yeastar IP telephone systems ride on the local network to communicate with extensions to reduce bandwidth requirements when using system features. The computer based systems allow for remote extensions, voice mail to email with wave files, call recording, detailed call history reporting and user interface to control station functions.

Our Hosted Cloud PBX is offered at a low flat rate or by usage for pennies per minute

Yealink T46G VoIP Telephone

Hosted PBX systems do not require an on-site unit to run the IP telephones and are instead provisioned to communicate with the host server for all call routing. Hosted systems use the internet bandwidth resources whether a call is made to an outside party or within the office and are best suited for offices with low telephone usage.

Even legacy telephone systems can enjoy low SIP service rates utilizing analog gateway units

Yeastar Neogate Analog Gateway unit

Save on monthly telephone service charges with SIP Trunks. The internet telephone service connects directly to modern telephone systems with unlimited incoming and outgoing calls. Yeastar SIP gateway units allow older legacy systems to connect up to 12 lines for far less than traditional analog line charges with no toll charges within the U.S. and Canada.