We Do Hosted and IP PBX Phone Systems

A Little About Us

We've Been Doing This For a Long Time

Doing this work for many hours, weeks, years

We have been selling, installing and maintaining telephone systems since way back when one had to answer the phone to find out who was calling. No caller ID, no speed dialing and expensive service calls just to relocate a phone.

Nowadays the new VoIP systems have many features and there is little need for service calls. Many features are user programmable and the more complicated ones are done by us, but remotely, so labor costs are less and there is no trip charge.

IP PBX and Hosted PBX System Sales

Yeastar certified

We are certified on the award winning Yeastar S-Series IP PBX systems. We suggest using the in-house system for most applications. Although there are equipment and installation costs involved, they are much less than traditional analog systems. Add as many extensions as you like at no extra charges. Hosted systems charge by the device so your monthly bill increases whenever you add a phone.

Our hosting is the Cloud version of the Yeastar system. They are great for businesses that do not have need for many phones - retail stores come to mind.

Your IP Network Must Pass The Test

Take the test

VoIP systems work well but the service is only as good as the weakest link. If you are just now switching to VoIP, test your bandwidth by searching for "speed test" in your browser. Go to one and run the test at your peek time of internet usage. The higher the upload and download speeds are the better. Latency is also important and should be well under 100ms. Most services pass unless maybe if you are quite far from the nearest town.