​​​​​​NEC and Legacy Telephone Systems Service

Legacy Telephone Systems Adds, Moves And Changes

NEC DSX Telephone Systems

NEC DSX 22-button telephone

The NEC DSX Systems have been discontinued several years ago. We have quite a few installed and expect to be servicing them for years to come as they have proven to be extremely reliable. Call us if you have a DSX system that needs programming changes.

NEC SL2100 Telephone Systems

NEC SL2100 telephone

The NEC DSX and SL2100 systems can utilize the older Category-3 cabling that are in place at buildings that have been cabled over 15 years ago and are not dependent on computer connections for outside or extension calls.

We are trained on the SL2100 and can quote pricing, installing and programming the SL2100.

Legacy Telephone Systems Service

Moving truck for telephone system moves

Cougar Telecom also services many of the older telephone systems including but not limited to Comdial, Panasonic, Nortel and Toshiba.

Switching from one phone company to another? We can help.

Call us for any legacy telephone system moves, additions or maintenance needs.